Moomins in Asterix Land

On Thursday, September 07th, The Finnish junior chamber of commerce was pleased to welcome Charlotte Loyau-Kahn as seminar speaker on the topic of intercultural differences in business between French and Finnish.

An interactive discussion

The purpose of the seminar was to review main differences and cultural challenges Finnish face when they try to integrate the French business world.
Charlotte’s speech was followed by a dynamic and interactive discussion where all seminar participants had the opportunity to exchange their experiences.
The discussion revolved around various issues such as: the existence of different hierarchical distances, both countries different way to negotiate, the individual’s place and role in the group, the work balance, the perception of time and different insight of conflict in Finland vs France.
Having the audience involved made the seminar more interesting and added a peer learning dimension. Everyone found it helpful and relieving to interact with each other and share their own thoughts.

Charlotte’s tips for a successful relationship

“…Finnish should not underestimate themselves. Instead, they should turn their strengths (for example their silence) in a positive complement to the French culture”.
Are you interested in organizing a workshop about intercultural differences? Feel free to get in touch.

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