Celebrating 35 years of French-Nordic Business Adventures!

For French-Swedish Charlotte Loyau-Kahn, shared values, such as high quality, innovation, and long-term partnerships, have always made the potential between France and the Nordic region evident!

35 years ago, this potential shaped the vision of Scandi Bureau and our goal to become:

Your First Choice when expanding your Business in France and in the Nordics

Today, we are proud of being a French-Nordic team of 8 people and a large network of partners, who has assisted more than 500 companies from Scandinavia and France on their export adventures.

Services adapted to the needs of ambitious and innovative companies

It has been a long journey, and a lot has happened since the first orders and translations were handled by phone and fax. To today, where the internet, Google translate, and artificial intelligence have changed the way we communicate.

The ever-changing world has undoubtedly made it crucial to understand the changing needs of ambitious and innovative companies. For our customers, it is clear that an export success consists of:

An effective market entry followed by strong visibility and presence in the long term”.

A close collaboration with our customers has enabled us to develop strategic and operational day-to-day services that facilitates this goal. – Whether it is daily customer and technical support, or sales and digital marketing services adapted to their specific needs.

Combining French and Scandinavian values

However, a strong concept and up-to-date services have not been the only way to success.

French and Scandinavian values have also played a significant role in creating a good working environment where openness, work-life balance and flexibility are prioritized.

As a result, Scandi Bureau consists of a highly diverse team holding different professional backgrounds and fluency in languages such as Swedish, Finnish, Danish, English and French. Some Scandi Bureau employees have been with us for more than 16 years, and during the past 35 years, 19 babies have been born, with 2 more on the way in 2024.

The appreciation for Scandi Bureau is especially visible at our French-Nordic networking events. Here it is always a great pleasure to welcome former, actual and future Scandi Bureau colleagues as well as customers, partners, and members of the Franco-Nordic business community.

For our 35 anniversary it is of course evident that Scandi Bureau once again opens its doors. And on the 4th of April, we celebrate 35 years of fun, challenges, successes, and new export adventures, with much more to come.

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