Market update France at the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce

Scandi Bureau’s MD Charlotte Loyau-Kahn, was pleased to hold a “Market update France” workshop the 19 October 2016 at the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce.

Several Swedish companies joined the event to hear about the main challenges France is currently facing both economically and politically, the business opportunities in France and tips and tricks on how to succeed in France and improve the business relationship with French people.

French economy and politics

After a period of uncertainty with the recent terror attacks and its economic consequences on the tourism and restaurant sector mainly, the economy and the unemployement trend is reversing and the country has still a lot to offer for foreign investors.

Business opportunities in France

The chemical, car industry and electrical appliances are some of the main import sectors from Nordic countries but several other niche products and services also highly demanded.

The French Tech initiative does also offer good opportunities for digital companies.

Legal environment in France

The tax credit for research is amongst the most attractive in Europe. It is also possible as a foreign company to hire local employees without establishing a company in France.

The dismissal that used to be a fear for many SMEs have also evolved with the introduction of a mutual termination agreement (so called “rupture conventionnelle”).

French cultural differences

The workshop was followed by a presentation of the main cultural differences between Swedes and French people in a business perspective and discussions on how to develop a successful business relationship.

Would you like to organize a workshop in your company or organization or do you have a business case in France you would like to discuss?

Feel free to drop a mail to Charlotte ( or give us a call : +33 (0)1 53 30 41 33.

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