What about a business partner for your sales support?

The success of your business is based on a combination of determining factors: quality, efficiency, responsiveness, and seriousness. This affects your products, your services and of course the various teams you work with, including the one in charge of supporting sales. In the different stages of your company’s growth, sales teams must face permanent challenges to enhance your customer portfolio and increase your market share. However, when your growth brings you to consider expanding internationally, you cannot simply shift or split the time of support resources. One relevant solution is to rely on a trusted partner who masters the new markets that you are interested in. It will clearly help you to obtain results rapidly.

Thanks to digitalization, both B2B and B2C markets have ”educated” their leads. Prospects have nowadays access to many figures, means of comparison and reviews that are often being referred to before any purchase decision.

Prospects may be better informed; the pre-sales & contact qualifying phases, or even booking meeting is still time consuming and require a lot of resources. A rewarding investment is to work with a partner. Thanks to its know-how, your brand will be faithfully represented while your teams will focus on their strengths during the early stages of sales.

As part of exploring new markets, trusting a partner to support your business actions can bring other benefits. Scandi Bureau, with its perfect knowledge of the French market, will be able to examine the market in depth:

  • Detailed analyzes and comments your products’ strengths in the French market.
  • Your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Difficulties encountered by potential buyers and existing solutions to them.
  • Cultural differences with Nordics countries

That is indeed valuable information that will help you to improve and strengthen your position on new markets.

Benefit from a team dedicated to the core business of your company and who will guide and support your decisions to achieve the objectives that you have set.

In addition to those new insights, starting a relationship with a partner to provide international sales support will speed up your market penetration as well as your expertise.

While expanding internationally, the adjustments that your product or service will (possibly) need are much easier to implement than the learning & understanding that a new market requires: its rules and consumer behavior take time to master. An outsourced partner has already gained a lot of experience on a specific market which will allow you to be ready on short notice and will clarify your sales pipeline.

Your success is closely linked to your resource management. In the case of a strong and rapid growth, it is important to quickly set up efficient teams to manage the changes. Likewise, it can be vital to downsize when certain markets struggle to respond to your objectives, or when a pandemic like COVID-19 upsets the economy. The flexibility of an outsource partner who will deal with its resources its own resources will allow you to react and better absorb ups and downs.

To establish a partnership who will provide sales support in the case of international growth is a guarantee of efficiency and better sales & administrative cost management. From following up your leads to order processing or even managing customer accounts through processing inbound calls, a partner can instantly help you out. If the expertise of such a partner even brings you a customer experience based on the partner’s knowledge of the market that you are targeting, then you are establishing a long-term win-win relationship.

With more than 400 clients, Scandi Bureau is your favorite expert when it comes to Franco-Nordic development.


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