Meet the Team : Charlotte

« I am very proud of Scandi Bureau’s team »


Owner and general manager Charlotte has always been living in a French-Nordic environment and feels “100% French and 100% Swedish”. She describes herself as a chameleon, always fitting into each country and culture. She took the lead more than twenty years ago, in 1998. She discussed Nordic business, her variety of activities and relates Scandi Bureau’s history.


Your relationship with Scandi Bureau?

Scandi Bureau was founded in 1989 and I joined the company four years later, during my studies in International business. I already had a really strong desire to work in a French-Nordic environment back then.

I realized that a lot of organizations helped companies launch their business in France. However, only a few accompanied them afterwards. Companies usually struggle to establish themselves strongly because of the lack commercial support, relationships and trust. For this reason, I suggested to add new services in 1995. We mutualized customer service, sales administration and sales support and welcomed our first clients: Merivaara and AXIS Communications.

Three years later, I bought Scandi Bureau and we never ceased to expend since then. We started from 3 employees at first to an average of 10-13 employees today, depending on the projects and the years.


Scandi Bureau’s future?

I want Scandi Bureau to stay a small structure, we are not in a quest for profit. My goal is to maintain a high level of satisfaction. I cherish the close relation we have with our clients, which is part of the reason why we get to be so flexible. Our versatility and our capacity to question ourselves are what makes us efficient.

I must admit that our clients are our best ambassadors. Scandi Bureau also works with various institutions but also embassies and Chambers of Commerce. I am part of the board of the French Chamber of Commerce in Sweden, the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in France and the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in France. In parallel, I am also a French Foreign Trade Advisor in Sweden.

All these institutions are a useful bridge towards companies and allow us to offer our services when needed.


Your extra-professional activities?

I have created a network of Swedish-speaking businesswomen in France and French-speaking businesswomen in Sweden. Businet, as it is called, is a strong network composed of dynamic individuals. These experienced women have decision-making positions and a will to help one another. This network allows us to work together and recommend each other, if necessary. We share our experiences in a stimulating and benevolent atmosphere. We have had numerous well-known external speakers over the years.


The necessary qualities for your position?

I would say motivation and a real taste for the unknown. I do need to see the qualities of my collaborators in order to work efficiently with them, which requires respect. Loyalty plays an important part too, as it is a quality that Nordic people have and appreciate. As for me, I try to stimulate them and to make them proud of their products and services.

Overall, I am very proud of Scandi Bureau’s team, which is reliable, rigorous, creative and solution-oriented.


Your motto?

“Better remorse than regret”, which is why my answer always is yes, by default. By default, things are positive. By default, everything is going to be fine and we always make it.


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