Why your company can benefit from a prestigious address in Paris

Build a professional image for your business in France

When you start a business in France, your reputation is essentially based on factors such as your address. Quite logically, your company image can benefit from an appropriate location.

French people tend to make up their mind based on their very first impression. There are great chances that a central address could impact the foundation of a business relationship. In France, a face to face meeting is essential to build long-term business relationships based on trust. Therefore, your physical office location plays a very important part of your image.


Make a great first impression by having your address in Paris !

You may wonder, “In which city should I have my business location? Which neighbourhood is the best for my business?”. Well fear no more, as we do have one suggestion.

Paris is one of the top four business cities after London, Hong Kong and New York. Obviously, it is also considered to be the financial centre of France. Having a company address in Paris helps strengthen your credibility with your prospects and customers.

The quest to find a perfect domiciliation address is becoming increasingly competitive, as many companies are fighting for their brand’s visibility by choosing an attractive location for their business.


Scandi Bureau as an option to domicile your company?

Paris is the location for a significant number of big companies. No wonder why Paris ranks in the most expensive cities in the world to work in. Fortunately, there are other options and Scandi Bureau is one of them.

Scandi Bureau provides an affordable premium address in Paris, intended mainly for small and medium sized businesses that want to start or already run a business in the French market.

With offices located right in the heart of Paris, in the prestigious district of Opera, we are a perfect option. Conveniently located in the 9th arrondissement, between Madeleine and Saint-Lazare, Scandi Bureau is a strategic choice.

We also offer a local phone service in France and a well-equipped meeting room which can be used when you travel to Paris. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss all your projects in France!

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