Meet the Team : Isac

« The unknown should not be feared! »


Isac was born in Sweden and grew up in France. Nevertheless, he has been in a French-Nordic environment his whole life. He joined Scandi Bureau in 2008 for a traineeship as part of his International Business studies and has stayed ever since. Throughout the years, he has been in charge of sales support for a great number of clients.


Why Scandi Bureau?

I have decided to join Scandi Bureau because I knew that I needed a connection to Nordic countries. To be honest, it was even my main selection criterion. What I enjoy the most is putting into practice my knowledge of the Swedish culture and language. With over ten years of experience, I have acquired a great knowledge of the field. I enjoy helping clients and guiding them through their strategies.

The necessary qualities for your position?

I do believe that the unknown should not be feared! We have great opportunities to learn new elements and skills, given the variety of projects we get to work on. I would say that versatility is obviously essential, but overall, the most important thing is getting joy from your work.

Your favorite Swedish proverb?

Skam den som ger sig! (Shame on the one who gives up!)

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