L’Open de l’International : a well deserved success

On 4 July 2022, Scandi Bureau participated in the 10th International Open organised by Bretagne Commerce International (BCI). With 1000 participants and 60 countries represented, the day offered a perfect cocktail of B2B meetings, thematic workshops, round tables and conferences. Between networking and information, BCI offers a 100% winning event for all participants and actors.

When it comes to supporting companies in the Brittany region in their current or planned export development projects, the International Open has become a must-attend event, celebrating its 10th edition in 2022.

After two years severely disrupted by the pandemic, the 10th edition of the OPEN DE L’INTERNATIONAL marked a return to a “semblance of normality” for the community of Breton companies active internationally. The success of the event was undeniable and the enthusiasm of Breton manufacturers to initiate, maintain or develop their activities outside of France remains intact despite the obstacles (increase in the cost of supplies, logistical costs, energy costs, HR tensions as the unemployment rate is at its lowest in Brittany (5.8% on average in the region), and the multiple impacts due to the conflict in the Ukraine, etc.,” explained Patrick Cadiou, Director of Operational Development & Partnerships and head of the OPEN DE L’INTERNATIONAL at BCI.

At the beginning of the summer, Breton companies belonging to Bretagne Commerce International met in Saint-Brieuc (22). They were able to meet and benefit from the expertise of external speakers who led a total of 32 workshops divided into 4 main themes: ‘Commercial development’, ‘Technical and regulatory’, ‘Strategy’ and ‘Country focus’. The workshops provided answers to the various questions of organisation, profitability and development of the Breton players.

Patrick Cadiou added: “For some, there is a new but strong desire to relocate purchases in the EU, or even industrial tools, while for others, there is a desire to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions by locating production tools (in-house or in partnership) in certain markets as close as possible to buyers/consumers. Taking into account the CSR dimension, which was not so long ago the prerogative of the CAC40 groups, is now making headway and concerns the whole world of SMEs and SMIs, with its expected effects on international trade and related practices (growing contribution of digital tools).”

During a “Business Development” workshop, Charlotte Loyau-Kahn, CEO of Scandi Bureau, gave a presentation on the senior citizens market in the Nordic countries (in French): statistical comparison, differences in approach with France and opportunities for French companies in this Silver economy sector.

In addition to the day’s events, Scandi Bureau held around twenty B2B meetings with several companies interested in developing in the Nordic countries. In sectors of activity as varied as maritime innovation, medical equipment or software publishing, Breton companies have shown their primary interest in finding local partners in Scandinavia.

Many are thinking of attacking the Nordic market globally, but the administrative and cultural specificities of each country must be taken into account. An initial reference, whether in Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark, will make it easier to establish a presence in the others” explains Charlotte Loyau-Kahn.

The International Open is a day rich in interactions and business promises within a perfectly oiled organisation. Patrick Cadiou added: “The annual volume of Breton companies using all or part of BCI’s services remains very significant in 2022 (around 2,000 different companies, all sectors of activity) and is likely to increase.”

See you at the next edition!

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