Meet the Team: Suvi

Suvi : « I am happy that Scandi Bureau allows me to have a role related to Finland and I appreciate the kindness that exists between us.»

Suvi’s history with France began during an Erasmus study year in Montpellier in 2007-2008 before returning to Finland to obtain her Master’s degree in Food Marketing and Agri-Food.

After returning to France, and after various experiences, Suvi joined the Scandi Bureau team in late 2019 for commercial support and sales administration missions.

About your job at Scandi Bureau

On a daily basis at Scandi Bureau, I assist some clients with commercial support and development, both in France and Finland.

I also handle customer service, as like the whole team, we have a wide range of tasks to handle. In addition, I take care of the administration and accounting for Scandi Bureau.

Three words that define Scandi Bureau

Versatility, we all have to handle different tasks every day and that’s what I like about my daily work.

Trust, we work relatively independently and it’s in my mentality to be rigorous and to do things well without anyone telling me when and how to do it.

Cooperation, there is no competition among us, we all look in the same direction and it’s always simple and easy to ask for help within the team.

What’s your favorite Finnish proverb?

« Mitä enemmän ihminen hiljentyy, sitä enemmän hän kuulee. »

This Finnish proverb translates to “The more a person falls silent, the more he hears.”
When we are constantly surrounded by noise and distraction, it can be difficult to hear our own thoughts and inner voice. By taking time to be silent and still, we can more easily listen to ourselves and the world around us, and gain a deeper understanding of the things that matter most. It’s also a reminder that sometimes, less is more and by letting go of the noise, we gain more clarity and focus.

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