Meet the Team : Claude

« Scandi Bureau means family »


Claude has been living in an international environment from his younger age. With a strong passion for languages and a business-oriented mindset, he graduated from an International Business school. He worked as a Sales assistant for Nordic countries before joining Scandi Bureau, in March 2019. He now works as a Sales and Customer Technical Support in our team.


The necessary qualities for your position?

I would say linguistic qualities, above all. Among all of my tasks, I handle telephone support for some clients. I sometimes have to translate simultaneously between French and Swedish, which requires a great focus. I do believe that it is important to be flexible and customer-oriented.

Why Scandi Bureau?

I have decided to join Scandi Bureau as there is an undeniable Nordic spirit, in both interpersonal and work aspects. Kindness and well-being are the prime focuses. Scandi Bureau means family.

Your motto?

My motto? I would say “What goes around comes around”, both good and bad.

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