Meet the Team : Carole

« We are immersed in a Nordic environment »


Carole has been evolving in an international environment her whole life. Although she is French, she has lived in Sweden for a few years, before joining Scandi Bureau in March 2018. She now works as a Client Service Manager.


Your relationship with the Nordics?

I have lived in Stockholm, Sweden, for three years! It was such an exhilarating and unforgettable experience, which gave me the opportunity to immerse myself into the culture. According to me, it is crucial to understand the way a country works to provide an efficient service. At Scandi Bureau, we are very lucky to be immersed in a Nordic environment daily.

Your role at Scandi Bureau?

I am mainly in charge of human resources, that is to say I currently handle administrative tasks and billing. I must admit that I love being challenged, as I get a real sense of satisfaction from it.

Your motto?

I feel like everyone says that, it’s such a commonplace! That would be « Never give up ! », because I believe that it’s always worth giving everything you have, no matter what you do.

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