Meet the Team : Maija

« I enjoy acting as an intermediary between cultures »


Maija comes all the way from Helsinki, Finland. She studied communication, translation and literature at the University of Helsinki before joining our team as Business Support Coordinator, in September 2018.


Your role at Scandi Bureau?

I obviously work with a great deal of Finnish clients, but that’s not all I do! I have quite a commercial mindset and an ease to communicate, so I put my heart and soul into maintaining an excellent relationship with every single client. The most important thing is understanding your work partners’ needs.

Why Scandi Bureau?

I do believe that in order to cooperate efficiently, it’s important to understand the cultural aspects and not just master languages. I enjoy acting as an intermediary between cultures. It’s a real pleasure to work in a Nordic and multicultural atmosphere!

What about Finland?

Finland has great potential, as a country. For Finns, trust sets the foundation for great business relationships. I am fortunate to be familiar with this mindset and I am aware that even the smallest actions help accomplish great things with time.

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