Cyber security event - Riksdagen

The French Conversation Lunch on Cyber Security at Riksdagen

Last week, the hallowed halls of Riksdagen, the Swedish Parliament, resonated with discussions on a crucial and contemporary topic – cyber security and AI challenges. What made this event uniquely intriguing was its linguistic twist: the entire conversation unfolded in French, offering a distinctive perspective on global technological challenges.

A confluence of languages and expertise

The French Conversation Lunch at Riksdagen was not just a meeting of minds but also a fusion of languages and cultures. Members of the Swedish parliament had the rare opportunity to delve into the intricacies of today’s cyber security and AI challenges, guided entirely in French. This approach underscored the importance of linguistic diversity in understanding and tackling global issues.

Charlotte Loyau-Kahn, invited to present the French perspective on cyber security, played a pivotal role in leading the discussion. Her expertise in the field, coupled with her proficiency in French, provided invaluable insights into France’s approach to cyber security. This exchange of ideas highlighted how different cultural and linguistic backgrounds can enrich understanding and foster innovative solutions.

Overcoming language barriers to gain new insights

The participants, for whom French was not the first language, discovered the ease with which they could gain insights into a different approach and produce new ideas, simply by being open to another language and other points of view. This experience was a testament to the power of language in broadening horizons and deepening understanding, especially in complex fields like cyber security and AI.

Scandi Bureau expressed pride in being part of this unique experience, set against the beautiful backdrop of the Swedish parliament. This event was not just about discussing critical technological issues but also about demonstrating how language and culture can play a significant role in international cooperation and problem-solving.

The French Conversation Lunch at Riksdagen set a precedent for how language and culture can be powerful tools in addressing global challenges. It opened doors for future dialogues that transcend linguistic boundaries, fostering a deeper, more nuanced understanding of critical issues like cyber security and AI.

A special acknowledgment was extended to Meryl Maussire from the Institut Français in Sweden for organizing this enlightening event. The Institut Français played a crucial role in facilitating this cross-cultural and cross-linguistic dialogue, emphasizing the importance of cultural institutions in international discourse.


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