Neoventa Medical - Di Gasell 2023

Neoventa Medical: A Beacon of Innovation and Growth in Sweden

In the realm of business success stories, few shine as brightly as Neoventa Medical, the recent winner of the prestigious Swedish “Gasell” award for 2023. This accolade, awarded annually, recognises Swedish companies that have demonstrated not only rapid but also sustained growth. It’s a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, quality, and impact in the healthcare sector.

Pioneering fetal monitoring solutions

Neoventa Medical has carved a niche for itself by providing highly innovative fetal monitoring solutions. Their technology plays a crucial role in ensuring safe deliveries and a healthy start in life for children across the globe. This commitment to enhancing neonatal care reflects a deep understanding of the needs of both healthcare professionals and families.

A 15-year journey with Scandi Bureau

Scandi Bureau, a company specialising in supporting the international development of businesses, has been a proud partner in Neoventa Medical’s journey for over 15 years. This partnership highlights the importance of collaboration and support in achieving business growth and technological advancements in healthcare.

In France, Scandi Bureau has played a pivotal role in smoothing the collaboration between Neoventa and French hospitals. Their services range from the elaboration of quotes and assistance in healthcare professional training to various administrative tasks. This support has been crucial in expanding Neoventa’s reach and impact in the French healthcare market.

A mission of life and growth

The “Gasell” award is more than just a recognition of business growth; it’s an acknowledgment of Neoventa Medical’s mission to safeguard the health of newborns. Scandi Bureau’s involvement in this mission is a shining example of how strategic partnerships can amplify the impact of healthcare innovations.

As we congratulate Neoventa Medical on this well-deserved award, we also look forward to their continued success and innovations in the field of fetal monitoring. Their journey is an inspiration to other companies striving to make a difference in the world through technological innovation and dedicated service. Scandi Bureau remains committed to supporting companies like Neoventa Medical in their mission to improve lives, demonstrating the power of collaboration and innovation in the international business landscape.

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