LosangExpo 2023 - PROTECT A/S

PROTECT A/S: Revolutionizing Security at the LosangExpo Fair in Paris

In the ever-evolving world of security solutions, PROTECT A/S, a Danish fog cannon manufacturer, stands out as a leader in innovation and global presence. Since its inception in 2000, PROTECT A/S has been dedicated to building trust and visibility in export markets, prioritizing a strong local presence. This strategy has enabled the company to establish a solid presence in over 50 countries worldwide, including a significant footprint in France.

A stronghold in France

PROTECT A/S has strengthened its local presence in France through various strategic initiatives:

  • Partnerships with two major distributors of security equipment, FRANCOFA EURODIS and ITESA, which have numerous local branches across France and dedicated PROTECT employees.
  • Collaboration with Scandi Bureau, ensuring additional local French customer service.
  • Regular visits and training for their French distribution partners.
  • Participation in the national tobacco fair LosangExpo in Paris.

Demonstrating excellence at LosangExpo

>At the LosangExpo fair in Paris, PROTECT A/S showcased the effectiveness of their fog cannons, demonstrating how they can fill a room with dense fog in seconds. This technology is crucial in securing homes and businesses, including the many TABAC shops across France, against burglary. The demonstration highlighted the efficiency and reliability of PROTECT’s solutions in real-time scenarios.

The PROTECT Fog Cannon: A game-changer in security

The PROTECT Fog Cannon® is designed to secure premises within seconds, making it impossible for burglars to see or steal anything. This innovative approach to security offers immediate protection, effectiveness, and harmlessness, with no residue left behind. It’s a cost-efficient investment with a rapid return, low operating costs, and a 5-year warranty on most products.

Why PROTECT A/S stands out

  • Market Leadership: With over 150,000 fog cannons installed, PROTECT™ is the best-selling product and world market leader in the industry.
  • Positive User Experiences: From domestic homeowners to multinational companies, PROTECT™ boasts many satisfied customers.
  • Wide Product Range: Catering to small rooms and large warehouses alike, PROTECT™ offers a flexible system with internationally certified approvals.

As PROTECT A/S continues to expand its global presence and innovate in the field of security solutions, the company remains a beacon of trust and reliability. Their participation in events like the LosangExpo in Paris not only showcases their cutting-edge technology but also reinforces their commitment to providing effective security solutions worldwide.

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