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Scandi Bureau Explores the Innovation Hub of Kista Science City

Last week marked a significant milestone for Scandi Bureau as they participated in a networking event at Kista Science City, the heart of Swedish innovation. Known as Sweden’s pioneering innovation hub, Kista Science City is a vibrant ecosystem where green technology, Fintech, digital innovation, life sciences, and healthcare converge.

A world-leading ICT cluster

Kista Science City, promoted and developed by Kista Science City AB, is not just a local or regional phenomenon but an internationally recognised innovation cluster. The organisation’s mission is to improve conditions for those operating in the region by fostering beneficial partnerships between business, research, academia, and the public sector. This collaborative approach has turned Kista into a powerhouse of development and growth.

The engine of Kista’s ecosystem

The event provided Scandi Bureau with an opportunity to delve into the heart of Kista’s ecosystem, which is made up of networks, projects, events, and venues. Kista Science City AB, a non-profit organisation wholly owned by the Electrum Foundation, coordinates these elements, contributing to the cluster’s strength and dynamism.

Urban ICT Arena: a co-creation testbed

A key feature of Kista Science City is the Urban ICT Arena, an open co-creation arena and testbed where the opportunities of digitalisation are developed, tested, and showcased in an urban environment. This initiative aims to future-proof Sweden by fostering sustainable cities, boosting innovation, and securing jobs for tomorrow.

STING: nurturing startups and growth

Also part of the Kista ecosystem is Stockholm Innovation & Growth AB (STING), a comprehensive and qualified incubator that encourages the startup and growth of new technology in Stockholm. Based in both Kista and the KTH campus in downtown Stockholm, STING supports promising startups, primarily within ICT, internet/media, Cleantech, and life science.

Scandi Bureau’s Role in Bridging Innovations

Scandi Bureau’s participation in the event underscores their commitment to assisting innovative companies on their international journey. By facilitating partnerships and collaborations between Swedish and French companies, Scandi Bureau plays a crucial role in bringing cutting-edge Swedish innovations to a broader audience.

With over 1,700 innovative companies and more than 20,000 experts in Kista, and accounting for 47% of Stockholm’s total patents, the potential for successful collaborations and partnerships is immense. Scandi Bureau’s involvement in events like these not only highlights the importance of international networking but also opens doors for future collaborations that can drive innovation forward.

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