Happy Summer!

Scandi Bureau is open and at your service all summer long!

What about a business partner for your sales support?

When expanding internationally, a relevant solution is to rely on a trusted partner who masters [...]

Bilateral Business French-Nordic relations

We’re glad to announce that Scandi Bureau and its entire team have started to provide [...]

Meet the team: Charlotte

Charlotte is the manager of Scandi Bureau since 1998. She is leading the company with [...]

Why your company can benefit from a prestigious address in Paris

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Meet the Team : Isac

  Isac was born in Sweden and grew up in France. Nevertheless, he has been [...]

Meet the Team : Michelle

  Michelle is originally from Congo Kinshasa and moved to Sweden with her family in [...]

Meet the Team : Ellen

  Ellen was born in Stockholm, Sweden. After graduating in business from Uppsala University, she [...]

Meet the Team : Maija

  Maija comes all the way from Helsinki, Finland. She studied communication, translation and literature [...]

Meet the Team : Carole

  Carole has been evolving in an international environment her whole life. Although she is [...]